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Camp Staff / Volunteers

A Camp and a Stamp by Julie Prindle
   How God used a postcard and a counselor for lasting impact
Creating Memories by Stan White and Cheri Evans
   How to be successful as a retreat counselor
Focus on Camp by Alison Phillips
   One executive isn't too busy to change lives
Just for Kids? by Gladys Hunt
   Helping youth discover Scripture through camp studies Plus: Building Blocks
Unforgettable Summer by John Ashmen
   A position at camp is an excellent choice for your future

Church and Camp

Got Time? by Lloyd Mattson
   Church camp is the place for your congregation to grow
Group Effort by Mindi Godfrey
   Three ways to involve the church in getting youth to camp
A Wild Trip by Ryan Barnhart
   One schoolís annual outdoor adventure teaches eighth-graders life-long lessons

Family Camp

Hope for the Holidays by Brenda Jank
   Hosting a family gathering at camp
No Accident by Janet Slaight
   How a family found hope after a tragic car crash
Why I Jumped Out of a Tree by Jim Carpenter
   Playing Tarzan was a real leap of faith

Kids' Camp

Camp is on the Calendar by Lloyd Mattson
   Your child's summer experience can have life-long benefits
The Right Fit by Bob Kobielush
   Finding the best camp for your children
'Trash' to Treasure by Dan DeGroat
   Kids in Soviet countries are discovering a message of enduring hope


Call of the Wild by Dean Ridings
   Where men's hearts are redeemed and restored
Empowered for Unity by Tim Kidd, Ph.D.
   How camp challenge courses can build your team
Heavenly Touch by Terri Newsom
   A weekend retreat spawned a calling to reach thousands
Jesus' Retreat Formula by Lloyd Mattson
   Your church staff will find the rest they need in an outdoor setting
Retreat! by Brenda Jank
   Spring is a perfect time to breathe life into your soul
Running into the Fall by Corbin Hillam
   Camp doesn't have to be just a summer thing
Take Me Away! by Linda Robinson
   Planning a life-changing women's retreat
Time Out for Renewal By John Ashmen
   Camp is a refreshing stream along life's journey


A Breath of Fresh Air by James Freeman
   Joni Eareckson Tada shares joy through unique retreats
A Little Piece of Heaven by Laurie Fertello
   Children of inmates discover love and hope at camp
Decision of a Lifetime by Craig Chastain
   Luis Palau's global ministry is rooted in a childhood choice
Driven to Connect by Natalee Roth
   Camp values have profoundly influenced Joy Williams’s music ministry
Youth Camp
In His Place by Catherine Claire
   A teen's camp commitment changed his family forever
Not Ashamed of Geezus by Laura J. Pierce
   One young man's changed life touched hundreds more
On That Note
   Campers, parents, camp staff and others respond to the life-changing power of a Christian camp or conference center experience.
Raison D'être by Tim Wilson and Tralita Alderman
   One teen's amazing discovery at a French camp

Why Christian Camping

A Walk in the Park? by Corbin Hillam
   We discovered Christian camping at 14,000 feet
Memories that Matter by Bud Williams and John Pearson
   Why camp is a must for your summer schedule
Words of God by Dan Bolin
   A small black Bible made all the difference for one young man
It's All Good by Diane Stark
   How camp taught me about one of Godís precious promises


A Parent's Part in Kids' Camp by Cheri Evans
   How to get involved in your child's summer experience
The Camp Search by Justin Boles
   How to give your child a meaningful outdoor experience this summer

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