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Words of Life
As you share the following verses with someone who’s interested in becoming a Christian, have the person read them out of his or her own Bible. Make sure he or she understands what’s read.

• Romans 3:23
• John 3:16
• Acts 16:31
• John 1:29
• 1 John 2:2
• Romans 5:6–8
• Romans 10:9–10
• Philippians 1:6

Counselor Check-Up
About halfway through your counseling experience, rate yourself on the following statements:

• I have taken the “spiritual temperature” of each retreat participant. (I know whether or not he or she has accepted Christ, how he or she views God, and the like.)
• I’m aware of the general family situations of each.
• My campers are learning from our group devotions.
• I’m spending free time with campers.
• I’m setting a good Christian example.
• I’m confident of my leadership abilities, including punctuality, organization, and enthusiasm.
• I’m getting enough sleep to function well.
• I’m spending personal time with God.

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How to be successful as a retreat counselor

by Stan White and Cheri Evans

Here you are, about to begin a short-term stint as a retreat counselor, and a hundred thoughts are swirling in your head.

I hope the people like me. What if the rules are more than I bargained for? Will there be a decent shower? I wish I knew which Bible verses to brush up on. I can think of three people who’d better not wind up in my cabin. Who can I turn to for help if things get out of hand?

Whether you’re serving as a counselor for youth group kids or another group of young people, these tips will take the pressure off the experience and free you to enjoy a rewarding time away from your routine. This retreat could lead to a turning point in someone’s life—maybe your own.

Honor People
Showing enthusiasm and demonstrating that you enjoy spending time with the youth and adults at the retreat will go a long way. Many of the youth under your care don’t get the opportunity to express themselves at home.

Parents want you to inspire their children to try new and challenging experiences, both in fun and spiritual contexts. Facilitate the kids’ memory-making by responding to their personal needs, including them, and asking where they stand in their relationship with Christ.

Keep things that are shared in confidence (unless the person says something that indicates he or she is in danger of being harmed; you’ll need to report that to the proper authorities). Be cautious about physical contact with campers or guests, especially those of the opposite sex. Counsel young campers of your gender only.

Finally, set a good example. People who are exploring Christianity are looking to see what following Jesus is all about, and others need to witness a deeper faith than their own.

Positive Outlook
Maintain a good attitude about the leaders, food that’s not your favorite, other staff, regulations and procedures, and the speaker. Show respect for the property and report any maintenance problems. Have fun, but don’t get carried away with pranks that can escalate into wars of retaliation and overshadow your reason for being there.

Because you’ll be in charge of young retreat-goers, remember that the first concern is for safety. Parents understand the concept of reasonable risks, but not foolishness. Be sure you understand the camp or conference center’s emergency and safety procedures.

Your being asked to be a counselor is no accident. God has chosen you and He will equip you. Your task will include unconditionally loving “difficult” young people. Be prepared to go the extra mile.

As you minister, don’t judge your success as a counselor on how many campers you lead to Christ, but rather, on your faithfulness to Him. Spiritual success includes making decisions such as submitting to authority, maintaining personal integrity, and spending time daily with God.

Let God work through you as you imitate Jesus Christ. When you’re running on empty, go to God. Spend time every day reading His Word. Pray for yourself and for each retreat participant. These are vital ingredients in fruitful ministry.

As you embark on your retreat, your prayer should be that campers consider the outcome of your way of life and imitate your faith (see Heb. 13:7). Years from now, they will remember a leader who was faithful to the Word of God.

Stan, who previously served as CCCA’s board chair and executive director of Alpine Camp and Conference Center, is general manager of the Camp Nacimiento Foundation in California.

Cheri is a supervising teacher in the home-schooling program for the Orange County Department of Education. She was the associate director at Pine Summit from 1979 to 1992, and then served as a camp consultant.


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